Accelerating Telco’s Software-Defined Datacenters

Minsung Jang is a Principal-Inventive Scientist at the AT&T Labs - Research. His current research concerns software methods that accelerate the data plane in software-defined datacenters with the next-gen programmable devices including GPUs, FPGAs, and merchant silicon. Also he is responsible for architecturing the edge cloud infrastructure for telco’s 5G services, for example, delivering seamless streaming videos, high-definition games, photo intensive social media, and one day, helping make autonomous cars a reality. In this regard, his interests are in experimental systems, ranging from working with hypervisors, to operating systems, to innovative network middleware and applications.

Before joining AT&T, he worked on various research projects at Samsung Electronics (and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), IBM Almaden Research Center, Nokia Research Center Palo Alto, and Intel Labs. His past work include contributions to multimedia file systems, real-time embedded Linux systems, and the XenARM project. He obtained his Ph.D. in computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology advised by Dr. Karsten Schwan and his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.